Maximizing Bandwidth for Large Companies

Large office complexes, hospitals, and hotels usually have complicated IT infrastructure. Such big operations require back-office decisions to help the business run as efficiently as possible. One of the ways to stay on top of overseeing a huge property is management through remote access to real-time data. Strategic use of bandwidth can make a facility powerful and attractive to its customers, employees, and partners.

High-Speed Internet Access

It’s become crucial for large complexes to provide the most efficient high-speed bandwidth as possible. This allows hotels, for example, to integrate a variety of business services into their offerings. A high-speed wide-bandwidth internet connection is essential for providing hotel guests with the services that they expect. Unfortunately, hotels often cheat themselves out of having access to high-speed internet their own back offices. The SaaS (Software as a Service) model allows for a variety of applications that help lower the maintenance costs associated with broadband.

Automated Solutions

Automated software has helped large organizations become much more efficient compared with the time-consuming accounting methods of the last century. A major problem with manual record-keeping is the high rate of human error, which can cause accounting problems to spiral out of control by the end of the year. Rigid reporting methods and misplaced files can add to the headache of wasted time and resources.

On-premise automation was often too expensive for even large operations until the past decade, when cost-effective SaaS solutions emerged. SaaS has simplified the back-office in terms of automating accounts payable and providing suppliers with appropriate data, such as inventory. The result has been streamlined operations, lower costs, and stronger collective buying power, now that each of the players can access the data they need in real-time.

Integration of All Operations

One of the biggest advantages for large organizations using SaaS solutions with high-speed internet is that complex services can be combined into one easy-to-use platform. E-procurement and automated payroll along with adequate bandwidth allow hotels and their sister properties, for example, to integrate all company functions into one platform. Here are some of the functions that can be streamlined using a high-speed internet connection:

  • Purchasing
  • Inventory
  • Credit card processing
  • Kitchen supplies
  • Accounts payable
  • VoIP
  • Housecleaning services
  • Property reports

Automated Payroll

SaaS has revolutionized automated payroll, eliminating the need to limit reports to individual properties. Now an entire hotel chain can use automated payroll functions in one central location for all properties. This allows for less manual processing, lower labor costs, and a more organized and secure way to manage company data. Using an appropriate SaaS solution combined with strategic back-office bandwidth can lead to significant cost savings.

Building a Strong Network Backbone

Now that these network solutions are paying off for big companies, it’s time to take a closer look at maximizing bandwidth while lowering costs. A network backbone should meet high standards, especially for companies that must serve hundreds of customers per day.

Replacing or upgrading a current network can be overwhelming. Contact us today to how to make a smooth transition into a more modern system.


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