Cloud Contact Center

The customer experience has never been more important

In today’s ultra-competitive markets, having a clear understanding of your customer experience has never been more critical. Today’s customers have very specific expectations when it comes to the level of service they receive from businesses. If your contact center can’t deliver, your customers will find someone who can.

Providing an impeccable customer experience can make or break your brand. The customer experience is no longer just about customer service. It’s about providing better end-to-end customer experiences to generate brand loyalty and positive interactions.

  • 41% of customers have stopped using a product or service ever after having it repeat themselves over and over or after being passed from rep to rep
  • 96% of customers expect their issues to be resolved quickly on the channel of their choice
  • 95% of respondents say that knowledgeable and friendly customer service rep ranks as a top-three factor for a great customer service experience

Cloud Contact Center Advanced Features

Embark on a customer experience transformation with a cloud contact center. Unlike traditional call centers, cloud-based contact centers provide next-gen features that transform customer experience and offer a more scalable, flexible way to engage with your customers.

  • Business Agility

    Hire the best talent, regardless of location and “test drive” new functionality and applications, without capital investment and with limited-to-zero dependency on your own IT department.

  • Disaster Recovery

    Avoid productivity disruptions and to continue with minimal downtime during natural disasters, human errors, or any other disasters.

  • Flexibility & Scalability

    Effectively react to market and seasonal changes allowing additional functionality and new agents to be added instantly without additional licenses or contracts.

  • Favorable Payment Terms

    Eliminate large upfront capital expense investments, enjoying a pay-as-you-go model only being charged for the resources and services used on a monthly basis.

  • Integrated Applications

    Integrate with databases, CRMs, RESTful API, workforce management, quality monitoring, Ucas, and VoIP applications with existing technology infrastructure.

  • Advanced Reporting/Analytics

    Utilize dedicated data center servers to collect and evaluate data, and provide easy-to-use, customizable access to that data for real-time and historical analytics.

  • Security

    Enjoy advanced networks with built-in redundancy and security with more resiliency than most organizations can afford in their own infrastructure.