5 Little-Known Features of VoIP

Since its inception, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services have been utilized by businesses in many industries. From call forwarding to voicemail, these applications offer a range of useful features, and hosted phone networks have streamlined and centralized communications for countless companies. However, there are several features that many people do not even know exist. Following are some of the less-known benefits of VoIP software.

Faxing Services

In the new digital age, faxing is considered obsolete by many businesses. However, for those working in high-tech companies or fast-paced industries, this is simply not the case. In fact, industry experts estimate that over 100 billion faxes are still sent yearly. With this in mind, VoIP applications include faxing as a feature. The benefits include:

  • computer-based faxing that eliminates the need for traditional machines,
  • the ability to connect old fax machines to VoIP gateways if desired, and
  • the capability to send faxes to multiple users without manually typing in numbers.

Security System Integration

With crime continuing to increase at alarming rates, it’s essential for new and existing businesses to protect their investments across the board. In the past, traditional landline phone networks were linked to security and alarm systems. While this is still true today, VoIP can also be integrated with these systems to ensure maximum security for businesses.

Keep in mind, however, that not all hosted networks offer this service. Business owners should speak with local security companies to see if their VoIP platforms are compatible.

Improved Telecommuting

While VoIP certainly makes in-office and client communications easier, VoIP services go beyond the cubicle. One of the most unrecognized advantages of hosted phone services is telecommuting. No truer is this than for employees that require access to documents while on the road or in remote locations. VoIP improves telecommuting by:

  • eliminating the need to have workers around the office each day;
  • allowing employees to work from home or remote locations on the same VoIP network; and
  • increasing productivity, performance, and flexibility for remote and in-house staff.

Call Analytics Availability

The evolution of technology has made it easier for companies to access analytics, which provides them with information on how well the business is doing in social media and online marketing campaigns. Once the data is analyzed and assessed, businesses can implement new strategies to secure better visibility and growth.

VoIP is no different, especially when it comes to client communications and fulfillment. VoIP analytics, however, go far beyond regular call reporting or connecting customers to extensions. In fact, businesses can:

  • check how long clients were on the phone (and call-abandon rates),
  • track all incoming and outgoing calls, and
  • find prior purchasing information.

Free Long Distance Calls

Long distance calling is no longer a cost-sensitive issue for most people thanks to smartphones. Sadly, many businesses still have to deal with old-fashioned long distance services. This is especially true for those still using traditional legacy phone systems or outdated service plans. VoIP services include unlimited long-distance calling for all companies. Whether for domestic or i


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