Know When It’s Time to Scale the Call Center

Call center managers are always looking for ways to cut costs and secure optimal efficiency. Part of their job is also to recognize when financial constraints and restrictions are already in place. For businesses ready to scale their call centers, the following considerations should be kept in mind.

High Average Hold Times

If average hold times are longer than usual, chances are they are cutting into call center efficiency. If this a recurring issue, it may be time to scale up the call center. With a larger workforce, managers can drastically reduce hold time as more agents can take customer calls.

Customer Service Levels Are Dropping

Customer service is of paramount importance for call centers. In fact, high customer service levels are essential for securing leads, profits, and recurring business. It is important for managers to monitor their agents to ensure maximum productivity and performance. If customers are complaining about poor service, here are few ways to get back on par:

  • Adding and training more agents can result in improved service across the board.
  • New agents should understand how important they are in driving leads and generating revenue.
  • Centers are able to facilitate more customer interactions with a larger workforce.

Business Is Booming

Strong business is another reason why call centers decide to scale up, whether because it’s the busy season or simply due to increased sales and profits. If business is thriving, scaling up the call center can help land more accounts and reach out to more established brands.

Agent Productivity Is Low

With any call center, agents can get overworked or experience chronic fatigue. This can negatively impact productivity and performance, resulting in diminished sales and poor customer satisfaction. Scaling up the call center can:

  • Restore maximum productivity across all levels and departments
  • Decrease the workload on some agents, allowing them to replenish their skills and get back to proper customer service levels
  • Create a positive environment with a workforce that is easier to manage, therefore increasing sales and customer satisfaction levels

Cloud-based Call Center Software

If planning to scale a call center, cloud-based software is imperative. In fact, these new technologies are far superior to traditional onsite systems and applications. They are also more cost-efficient and offer little to no downtime for employees and, more importantly, customers. Some of the benefits include:

  • Easy monthly subscription plans for new and existing call centers
  • No additional hardware or equipment is required since virtual call center software is hosted on the web
  • Ease of use: Agents simply need a laptop, softphone, and a reliable Internet connection to access the software

Scaling call centers does not have to be a time-consuming or daunting task. Managers simply need the right software and employees to achieve company goals and aspirations.


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