Contact Center as a Service – How Is CCaaS Transforming The Customer Experience?

CCaaS, or Contact Center as a Service, is a software deployment that enables businesses to purchase only the technology that they need. Operated by a vendor, CCaaS can reduce IT, integration, and support costs. It is an alternative to an on-premise call center, packaging an entire communication solution focused on scalable customer experience. Contact Center as a Service will streamline all customer touchpoints into one single platform, including phone calls, live chat, email, support tickets, and text messages. Suitable for businesses of all sizes, it will consolidate several tools to interact with your customers.

Cloud-based contact centers let you customize every aspect of the customer experience. Some notable features found in CCaaS offerings include:

  • Call queueing to increase agent productivity and customer satisfaction
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) for routing calls
  • Call recording to listen to calls between agents and customer
  • Call analytics to uncover trends and aid in workforce planning

What are the benefits of using CCaaS?

To begin, CCaaS will deliver a better omnichannel customer experience. CCaaS platforms let you help your customers regardless of their choice of communication. If they send in something via the phone, email, or social media, CCaaS has you covered. 

It also allows you to centralize your customer interaction in one place. Housing data in one data center can significantly benefit your company by boosting customer satisfaction and reducing call times. Every customer interaction is tracked, leaving no uncertainty when providing help. Customer service agents can view real-time customer sentiment, account values, and the nature of requests. 

By utilizing CCaaS, you will lower costs and increase employee productivity. This cloud-based contact center does not have hardware that depreciates over time. By offering phone capabilities alongside email, text, and social media, your employees in support, sales, and service teams can provide customer experience at scale. 

Contact Center as a Solution will increase scalability and flatten your downtime. You can add capacity and functionality whenever you need. Downtime can be expensive when clients cannot reach your support or sales teams. With this cloud-based solution, you can decrease that downtime. Your in-house teams can now focus on initiatives and manage customer support software from an online dashboard. 

On top of all of that, CCaaS helps you stay informed with end-to-end business analytics. Streamlining communication channels through a cloud contact center lets you better track your KPIs. You can also analyze how many interactions it takes to solve customer issues, allowing you to find gaps in your support process and optimize them. 

If you have been thinking about moving to a CCaaS environment, there are a few things that are helpful to get you started:

  • Understand your customer contact channels
  • Transfer phone numbers from another provider
  • Assign user permissions, ticket handling, and call queues
  • Plan out the ideal call flow for incoming calls and tickets

How can you implement CCaaS?

Luckily, it is easier to set up a contact center solution in the cloud than other traditional telecom options. Using VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, to place and receive calls over the internet, all you need to do to deploy CCaaS is an internet connection, workstations, and headsets. Your CCaaS provider will manage the rest of the contact center infrastructure. To begin responding to your support requests, your team of experts will simply sign into the contact center’s software. Managers or supervisors can watch all call queues and team availability, giving you a smooth and easy process. Reach out to one of our experts today, and we can help get you moving in the direction that your customers need.



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