Beyond the Basics: Seeing the Real Value in Unified Communications

Unified Communications is an approach that streamlines all forms of communication for optimal collaboration and a better end-user experience, whether that end user is the customer, a vendor or business partner, or an internal employee. It allows access to all voice, video, text, instant messaging, email, and other communication formats through one application.

The benefits of investing in unified communications are numerous:

  • Cost savings: The switch from a private branch exchange (PBX) to unified communications provides cost savings in several forms:
    • Reduced maintenance costs and little-to-no investment in hardware
    • Monthly subscription fees for unified communications are significantly less than the investment in a traditional PBX system
    • Subscription fees can be categorized as operating expenses, rather than an up-front capital investment typical of most IT implementations
  • Streamlined communications: The widespread use of smartphones has led to a workforce that expects a similarly seamless experience with any technology. Therefore, the ability to access the entire history of interactions with a particular customer through a single application is a user-friendly solution for enterprise communications.
  • Scalability: Investing in unified communications requires you only to purchase the number of user subscriptions you need at any given time.
  • Integration: Unified communications tools are designed for easy integration with other types of software, including customer relationship management and other applications, providing an integrated experience.
  • Savings on travel: The ability to work as a virtual team through video conferencing and shared workspaces allows enterprises to save on their travel budgets. In addition, they are able to hire the best talent, regardless of geographic location.

The Real Value in Unified Communications

Each of the benefits listed above motivates enterprises to make the switch to unified communications. However, there are reservations that hold enterprises back, such as prior investment in hardware and the challenge of training staff to use an entirely new communications system. While these reservations can be overcome in order to reap the benefits of unified communications, there is an overriding benefit that makes it compelling, and even imperative, for enterprises to embrace a unified approach.

The collaborative tools available with unified communications ignite a level of innovation otherwise impossible without the technology. In order to remain competitive, enterprises cannot afford to pass up a set of resources that allow for unbridled brainstorming, collaboration, and innovation that cannot be achieved with traditional communications tools.

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