A Tiered Strategy for Hybrid Cloud Data Storage

Enterprises appreciate a hybrid cloud environment for many reasons, but the main attraction is generally the ability to leverage public and private cloud solutions for optimized performance and cost savings. Hybrid cloud solutions offer flexibility and are ideal for companies running legacy systems.

A hybrid cloud environment offers other key benefits to enterprises that take advantage of ideal data storage possibilities through a tiered approach:

Hybrid data storage: In most hybrid environments, cloud storage is housed in the private cloud, where apps can access files and data. This is the highest-performing storage system within a data storage strategy.

Double up: In a tiered strategy for hybrid cloud data storage, public cloud can be used as a secondary data storage option. Storage has become so inexpensive that it makes sense to use this as an active backup for the primary storage system in the private cloud.

Accommodate with apps: When using a tiered system that duplicates data to a secondary tier, be sure to design apps with this structure in mind. Apps should be able to access both tiers to gather necessary data.

Add a triple layer: Storage is inexpensive, so you might think it’s worthwhile to add a third tier to your data storage strategy. Archived storage systems are low-cost and low-performance, designed to hold the data you no longer need for regular access. It can also be used to back up other systems. These types of data storage solutions are ideal for healthcare or financial industries where data has to be kept for a certain number of years but is rarely accessed for use.

The benefits of a tiered storage structure in hybrid cloud environments:

  • Using three different storage receptacles allows you to optimize your storage with different price points and performance levels for each cloud option.
  • It allows developers and IT personnel to design application-specific storage strategies.
  • Tiered storage provides backup in both private and public cloud platforms, which offer distinct geographical locations, protecting data in the event of a natural disaster or other physical threat.
  • It reduces the risk of data loss, either by human error or system failure.

There is a wide variety of approaches to tiered storage solutions, but no matter how you organize your data, be sure to do a lot of testing to determine the safest and best approach for your enterprise.

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