The Growing Benefits of Unified Communications

The use of unified communications (UC) has dramatically increased in recent years. However, many customers still do not have a firm grasp of all of its benefits. In fact, studies have shown that IT decision-makers don’t fully comprehend the impact UC can have on their companies. While most users do recognize advantages like increased productivity and scalability, they tend to overlook a myriad of other benefits.

UC Provider Roles

In order for customers to understand all the benefits of UC, providers must do the following:

  • Inform and engage clients on all UC features and solutions available
  • Explain to customers how UC is reshaping client and employee communications for timely and optimal success
  • Let clients know that if they embrace UC, they can simplify how their businesses manage communications, staffing, and resources
  • Showcase the benefits of customizing and tailoring UC to meet specific company needs and directives

UC offers a wealth of benefits. Following are some features that are often overlooked, but should be included in all provider-customer conversations.

UC Is Truly Flexible

UC, combined with cloud technologies, offers a flexible platform for adopting new services. In fact, UC can seamlessly integrate with all existing hardware, software, and infrastructure. This eliminates any complex obstacles or barriers when incorporating new applications and technologies for business communications or management. UC also enables businesses to access all services from one unified and cohesive network.


Self-Service Tools

UC also features self-service tools for all customers, partners, and even new employees. In fact, the latest UC models offer:

  • One central portal where communications services can easily be delegated to multiple departments, solution providers, or clients
  • Optimal access for HR administrators to connect new employees to available services and projects
  • Setting access routes and restrictions for all company staff, employees, and clients seeking information
  • Self-service tools that free up in-house or remote IT departments so they can focus on projects and services that add value beyond basic procurement

Optimizing Investments for Clients

UC also allows key resources to reside on platforms that are available anywhere and at any time. Clients can access UC networks to check on ongoing business directives and investment strategies. These tools are even beneficial for companies that hire employees to form out of state or country. By connecting them to existing UC services, they can easily understand their roles within the company and feel a part of the team.

Customization for Different User Profiles

UC can enhance business productivity and performance across the board. In fact, these tools even facilitate customization for different user profiles. This helps:

  • Secure a comprehensive platform by allowing partners and customers to develop and tailor user profiles
  • Delegate departmental access to a range of communications tools specific to individual activities
  • Assign specific tasks and goals to in-house, remote, or even contracted employees
  • Ensure access routes for departments that need to overlap or correlate with each other for optimal and timely results

These are but a few growing benefits of UC for any new or existing business. For more information, it is best to consult with a UC expert or company today.


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