The Challenge of Keeping the Cloud Safe

IT managers are having an increasingly difficult time maintaining the safety of applications and data in the cloud. As a result, according to a recent Intel cloud security report, many individuals are more hesitant to adopt cloud technology.

Shadow IT as the Source for Concern

While the problem doesn’t have to do with the cloud, in particular, Intel’s report found that the core issues are coming from shadow IT, coupled with a shortage of cybersecurity skills. In fact, 65% of individuals surveyed pointed to shadow IT as the main source of security compromises. 49% of IT professionals in the report stated that the lack of necessary skills in their department has made them reluctant to transition to cloud technology. 

What Defines Shadow IT?

Shadow IT involves the navigation of employees around their company’s IT department to set up their own personal applications. Instead of going through IT, employees are purchasing and installing apps from outside sources, which can result in decreased data security and safety.

Employees get away with shadow IT when companies fail to implement an effective policy that prevents it. Understandably, many IT professionals are skeptical regarding IT security because not all cloud solutions operate the same way. However, they can take steps to prevent the occurrence of shadow IT while preparing to adopt cloud technology.

Taking Charge of Cloud Technology

Companies need to establish consequences for individuals involved in shadow IT operations. Of the companies surveyed in the Intel report, 62% said they store sensitive data in the public cloud. This shows a vast misunderstanding of the implications of shadow IT. Ultimately, companies need to make sure that they can effectively keep track of which programs are on the premises and which are stored in the cloud. IT professionals should also make it clear which applications are permitted for the public cloud and which should remain private.

With the proper criteria set in place along with appropriate consequences for employees who take part in shadow IT operations, businesses can more effectively keep their data secure.

When used properly, cloud technology has proven to be an invaluable asset for businesses. Once businesses have developed a better understanding of the potential vulnerabilities and take the steps to prevent cloud security issues, they can get the most out of their cloud storage solutions.


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