How to Make BYOD More Secure Using VMI Solutions

Bring your own device (BYOD) policies continue to grow in popularity. Subsequently, security seems to have taken a backseat, and current BYOD security methods are leaving many employers and employees unhappy. While employees have reported discomfort with the level of privacy invasion involved with some of the available security solutions, employers have also expressed dissatisfaction with their effectiveness. However, there is a solution available that Avast Mobile Enterprise has developed called virtual mobile infrastructure (VMI).

The Issue with MDM and Benefits of VMI

The biggest perceivable downside of existing mobile device management (MDM) systems is their all-seeing nature and ability to access sensitive personal information.

Developers at Avast believe they have found a way to work around this problem

using their VMI solution, which is called the Avast Virtual Mobile Platform (VMP). The way it achieves this is through the separation of business data and personal data via a virtual simulation on employee smartphones.

The VMP applies this virtual simulation using custom third-party applications that save data in the cloud, rather than on the device itself. This allows the VMI to monitor data leakage, data access restriction, and invasion threats without any data appearing on the actual device in case the phone is stolen or lost. Data storage in the cloud effectively prevents issues such as remote wiping that could potentially erase personal and corporate data collectively.

Keeping Data Safe and Employees Happy with VMI Solutions

With the separation of personal information and business data, employees don’t need to worry about losing their data or suffering from privacy invasion. VMPs don’t keep track of calls, instant messaging, images, videos, or location. This will ultimately help keep employees comfortable when using BYOD devices while also keeping employers knowledgeable and aware of how employees are using their business data.

There is no sign of BYOD slowing down. Businesses should always know how data is accessed and used, without any potential loopholes. The most effective way to achieve this today is through the use of VMI solutions that can keep private data private and business data secure at all times.


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