How Getting Into the Cloud Market Will Change Your Company

Cloud adoption is disrupting the IT market, and you may be wondering if it’s too late to get in the game and capture some of the opportunity for growth in the reselling market. While it’s certainly not too late to get into cloud reselling, you may want to consider the variety of ways that your company will need to change in order to become a cloud vendor:

The change needs to be initiated at the top. If your CEO, general manager, or president isn’t driving the adoption of a cloud reselling strategy, then it may be doomed. This is not a shift in focus that can be delegated to a manager, because it needs the push of the head of the organization.

Expect to market differently. Your marketing team needs to be aware that their target audience may shift significantly. Instead of targeting IT personnel and CIOs, their efforts may be more directed toward line-of-business managers. The drive for cloud adoption is largely driven by the customer and end-user experience, with companies working to be the first to offer mobile-friendly, performance-driven sites with frequent updates that only the cloud can deliver.

Additionally, you need to have a well-constructed value proposition. While your provider will have the responsibility of brand awareness and communicating the benefits of the solution, you still need a clear way to set yourself apart from other cloud resellers. Determine what expertise or values you have that set you apart from your competitors.

Anticipate that your workforce may change, too. There will be members of your team that won’t want to adapt and adjust to a cloud-focused selling model. There may also be a need to hire new talent that has more experience with cloud reselling. While this is expected in a shift to cloud reselling, it can seem as if the company is on shaky ground while the transition is happening, so be sure to communicate with your team about the changes taking place.

Determine which benefits you’ll deliver. There are many promises attached to cloud adoption, but you’ll need to decide which you’ll prioritize and deliver. Whether it’s increasing revenue or improving operational efficiency, decide what you’ll shape your strategy around. You may help organizations achieve cost savings and other benefits, too, but you’ll achieve only minor success if you promise to deliver every potential benefit.

Becoming a cloud vendor will bring significant change to your organization, but it also holds boundless opportunities for revenue growth. If you’re interested in learning more about the potential of becoming a cloud vendor, contact us at Infinium Communications. We have been providing telecom solutions for nearly two decades and can help you move your business into the era of cloud technology.


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