Why the Firewall May Soon Be Obsolete

For decades, the firewall has provided a solid way to protect the network from outside threats while allowing communication to flow freely out from the enterprise. Now, some say the firewall is about to be obsolete because keeping it up to date in the current network environment is becoming nearly impossible.

There are several factors that are driving the firewall from relevance, many of them related to the sweeping digital transformation that’s happening both at a global level and at each enterprise that’s embracing digital change. Here are the issues with maintaining the firewall as a feasible way to protect the enterprise:

A more complex technology landscape: Several emerging trends are making it more challenging to control the data moving in and out of a network. From Internet of Things (IoT) devices to bring your own device (BYOD) programs and the expanding use of cloud services, IT personnel are faced with the increasingly complex ways that data travels. Devices are also interacting more with online sites, particularly in cases where cloud applications are being accessed.

Encrypted data: While encryption is widely used as a way to protect data and prevent a security breach, it also presents a challenge for fans of the firewall. When a file is encrypted, it makes it impossible for the firewall to identify the source of the data being sent and it is unable to determine whether that transmission is safe for entry through the firewall.

Updating firewall rules: For each new application that is included in network infrastructure, IT personnel may be forced to change hundreds, or even thousands, of lines in the firewall rules in order to allow the application to perform properly.

Lack of visibility: Overall, there’s a drastic drop in the level of visibility that the firewall has into the data that’s coming into the network, making it challenging to protect the environment.

Some experts contend it’s time to give up the firewall and to give up on approaching security from a network perspective. Instead, security should be approached from a more granular level.

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