Cloud Services for Startups

Cloud computing has proven to be an efficient haven for startup businesses since it connects with cost-cutting services that provide scalable and on-demand applications. As the cloud has evolved, providers have developed niche services:

  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  • Desktop as a Service (DaaS)


Following are details on the fundamentals of specialized cloud services.

How the Cloud Changed Business

Cloud computing revolutionized business in multiple ways. It allowed for scalability that had never been seen before while making infrastructure much more powerful. It cut costs while increasing access to a wider range of services. It also reduced or eliminated security issues by introducing provider backup servers in remote locations. As a result, small to medium startup companies have widely embraced cloud-based apps to enhance productivity.

SaaS Benefits

SaaS has become a popular model for new businesses because it allows them to access a variety of online applications at lower costs than traditional licensing. Instead of purchasing software outright, a business can pay a monthly or annual subscription fee and use online services as needed. This model saves companies from installing software and does not require purchasing additional hardware, while the provider takes care of issues regarding performance, availability, and security. has emerged as a leading pioneer of the SaaS model. The company provides customer relationship management software that helps organize customer profiles and track purchase activity.

DaaS Benefits

The DaaS model is also referred to as Virtual Desktop or Desktop Virtualization. It provides more elaborate software services than the SaaS model and more automation possibilities. Abacus Data Systems and VMWare Horizon Air are examples of DaaS providers, offering hosting, data storage, security, and other features that can help a startup get off the ground quickly. Like SaaS, it’s user-friendly, cost-effective, and ideal for SMBs. Key characteristics of this model include:

  • Full desktop environment with a variety of centralized applications
  • Availability for mobile devices with internet connections
  • Allows data to be sent across a broad array of services
  • On-demand flexibility and scalability for any size business

DaaS is an all-in-one suite of useful services that will empower a business from startup through its entire evolution. One of its most attractive conveniences is that it eliminates the need for a long list of passwords, which allows for better efficiency, resulting in improved productivity. Despite its similarities with SaaS, the DaaS model provides even more cost-cutting opportunities with its more in-depth scope of features.


SaaS and DaaS have become important cloud computing models for creating more effective workplace environments. A startup can enormously benefit from using SaaS models like Salesforce or DaaS models such as Abacus Private Cloud. As businesses of all industries steadily move to the cloud, they are embracing a variety of these developments that give them wider access to more robust services at lower costs.


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